What is a Connections Game?

Connections is a word puzzle game created by The New York Times. Players search groups of four words that consist of a common thread. Each group forms a special type of category with a thread. The goal is to identify the connections between the words based on their shared features. We arrange 16 words into four groups. To complete the puzzle, we must find the connections between the words. It is a category-matching game.

Discovery of connections Game

It was released on June 12, 2023 for PC. It was published by The New York Times as part of The New York Times Games. Its original phase is a beta phase. It is the game that is played the most. Its writer is Wyna Liu.

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How does the Connections Game work?

The goal is to arrange the   16 words into four groups. Each word in each group belongs to a specific category. The category may consist of wordplay such as palindromes or homophones. It increases the difficulty. It requires a single player. Its category is revealed when a player easily identifies a group. The category revealed a color-coded difficulty level such as yellow, green, blue, or purple. If it is shown as yellow, it is considered the most straightforward forward, and if it is purple, it is the most difficult. Each connections game has one category.

The Times’s games department holds an annual game jam. Participants suggest ideas for new games to be released on the website.

Colors – Category

Each connection game is divided into four categories corresponding to four colors. Such as

  • Yellow – straightforward and easy
  • Purple – trickiest category to guess
  • Blue – Potentially unfamiliar terms
  • Green- Potentially unfamiliar terms

How to play the Connections game?

This game provides a player with a 16 word of four groups. These words must be grouped, sharing a common thread for playing a game. If it consists of more than four, the extra is part of another group. If we consider the example of days of the week, then Wednesday would not be connected to the days of the week, but the Addams family category. It forces the player to categorize the words carefully.

Once you have selected your words, you need to click to select each word and click submit. If your process is correct then it will change the color.


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Play top to Bottom

It is organized to identify the most obvious category first so that each color relates to a specific difficulty.

Use of NYT Connections game

These games are activities that help build bonds among players and encourage interactions. Examples are trivia, photo challenges, and mingle bingo. This game also offers a quick brain without a session and helps delay dementia with mental stimulation.

History of Connection games

This game is considered to be the first connection game. Martin Gardner gained credit for popularizing the genre in his writeup of Hex in Scientific American. It provides a path for players to build a connection on the sides of the game. It builds a bridge to form connections. It is developed by mathematicians Piet Hein and John Nash.

Installation steps

Here is the installation process for connection games:

Step 1: Go to parallels.com and download the mate’s software version.

Step 2: Follow the installation process and make sure you allow parallels in your Mac’s preferences.

Step 3: When you reach this point, download and install Windows 10. The download requires about 5.7 GB. You must ensure you give all the permissions it asks for.

Step 4: Once the window is installed, you can install the Connections game. All that’s left to do is install Connections like you would on any PC.

Games like Connections are playable on Mac

  • Survivalist
  • Greedfall
  • Ratty catty
  • Masochisia
  • Rusty lake Roots
  • Change A homeless survival experience
  • Force of nature
  • Rusty lake hotel
  • Anno 1800
  • Kosmos connections
  • 80 days
  • Ceville
  • Overboard
  • Mind scanners
  • Murder Mystery
  • The Revolution
  • Death and taxes
  • Armikrog
  • Kebopsia
  • Blue screen adventure

Installation of the game through Ubisoft Connect PC

  • If you have achieved a game key for your PC, you can activate it in Ubisoft Connect PC to avail the content.
  • Once your game has been activated, you can install it.
  • To install a game:
  • Open Ubisoft and then connect your PC and log in with your Ubisoft account
  • Go to the library tab.
  • Select the game that you want to install.
  • Open the three dots menu and choose download.
  • You then select the download icon to install the game.

When your game is installed, you can see the play button.

Features of connections game:

  • Daily updates: This game is updated with a new four-by-four grid of word of words.
  • Difficult levels: Connections offer four levels that give different colours, i.e. yellow, purple, green, and blue.
  • Common themes: Each group of four words shares a common theme.

Popular Connection games:-

  • Havannah:

Havannah is a two-player board game. It is invented by Christian Freeling. It has three conditions that enable a player to win: creating a fork, bridge, or ring. A ring consists of a loop with one or more cells. It may be empty or occupied by a player. A fork connects all the edges of the board. Havannah is the best-played game on a base 10 hexagonal board, 10 hex cells to a side. It was published in Germany by Ravensburger with a base -8 board suitable for beginners.

It is played on an 11×11 rhombus board, 13×13 and 19×19 boards are popular. Each player is provided with a pair of opposite sides of the board. Players try to connect by taking turns placing a stone of their color in a space.

  • Tak

It is also a two-player strategy game designed by James Ernest and Patrick Rothfuss. It was published by the Cheapass Games in 2016.

The main basis of Tak is to connect two opposite edges of the board with your stones and create a road. Players take turns placing their stones and building their road to accomplish the road. A player gets a stone by stacking one of the pieces on top of the opponent’s.

  • The game of Y:

Y is an abstract board game first published by John Milnor in the early 1950s. Its main purpose is the same as that of Hex. The game was invented by Craige Schensted, Charles Schensted, and Charles Titus.

NYT connections game:

Connections is a daily logic word puzzle created by the New York Times. It is available to play online for free. The game gives players a collection of 16 different words to start.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

  • When was the Connections game discovered?

It was released on June 12, 2023 for PC. It was published by The New York Times as part of The New York Times Games. Its original phase is a beta phase. It is the game that is played the most. Its writer is Wyna Liu

  • What is the four-word connection game?

The goal of this game is to find four groups of 16 words that are linked by the same thread. Each group is leveled with a different color.

  • What is an example of a connections game?

Some of the most famous examples of connection games are Two Truths and a Lie, personal Trivia, and This or That.

  • How does the connection game work?

It works by picking up words that are related to each other. When you successfully pick a word, a different level of color will appear.

  • Is a connections game free?

Yes, the Connections game is free. First, download the Connections game and play for free.

  • What are the main colors of the connections game?

  • Blue

  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Green is a different color that appears in the Connections game.
  • Is the connections game good for your brain?

No, it is not necessarily improving people’s mental health.

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