What is a Steam Achievement Manager?

Steam Achievement Manager (SAM) is a powerful tool for managing game achievements on Steam. Its primary function is to allow you to unlock, lock, or reset achievements for games in your Steam library. According to the GitHub repository, it is an open-source tool, and its code is available for anyone interested in exploring or contributing to it.

  • Some users have invented modified versions of SAM with minor UI changes. For example, one such version changed the icons’ color to blue and solved an issue related to the SAM game icon.
    Remember that SAM can be a fun tool for experimentation; using it to unlock or lock achievements in multiplayer games or competitive environments may violate the terms of service for games. While using SAM, always follow the rules and regulations of game developers and the Steam platform.

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Downloading Steam Achievement Manager

  1. You can officially download the SAM from the GitHub page.

Here is the way to download SAM step by step:-

  • First, you must visit the GitHub repository gibbed/SteamAchievementManager to download the Steam achievement manager.
  • Then you go to releases, as shown in the image.

Downloading Steam Achievement Manager

  • Then, you must select the latest version and click on the zip file to download the SAM to your computer.
  • Unzip the file on your computer using a compression tool. Do not place the unzipped files inside the Steam directory.
  • To run the program, locate the file in the unzipped folder and double-click on it.

Installation Guide

Here’s a step by step instructions to install the Steam Achievement Manager:-

  1. First, Unzip the file on your computer using a compression tool. Do not place the unzipped files inside the Steam directory.
  2. To run the program, locate the file in the unzipped folder and double-click on it.
  3. Then, open the extracted folder and locate the SAM.picker.exe. To open the Steam Achievement Manager, run SAM.picker.exe by double-clicking on it.
  4. You must follow the on-screen instructions to select the game and manage its achievements.

Remember that Steam Achievement Manager is not officially supported, and using it may be against the terms of service. It would help if you used it at your own risk.

Core Features and Functionality

Here are some features of the SAM:

  1. Organize Achievements: Steam Achievement Manager provides a user-friendly interface to view your achievements across different games.
  2. Unlock Achievements: This allows you to unlock all achievements for Amy’s game on the Steam platform.
  3. Lock achievements:- Conversely, you can lock achievements if you want to re-earn them legitimately.
  4. Reset Achievements: The best feature is resetting and managing your achievements in one place.
  5. Track progress:- Keep track of your achievements and manage them all in one place.

Integration and Compatibility

  • Steam Achievement Manager is designed to be compatible with the Steam platform and integrates with your Steam games to manage achievements. Here are some points about its integration and compatibility:
  • Integration with Steam: SAM integrates directly with your Steam account, allowing you to view and modify achievements for any game in your library.
  • Comparability: It is compatible with most Steam games, especially those with publicly available achievements.
  • Safety: It is safe if downloaded from the official GitHub site. However, it is essential not to use it with VAC (valve anti-cheat) protected games while connected to a VAC-protected server, as it may trigger a VAC ban.
  • Updates: The tool is open source, and while the original coder has not continued it, the community can create forks and updates. If Valve makes crucial changes to how achievements work, SAM might not be updated to reflect these changes. Always download Steam Manager Achievement from the official source to ensure safety.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

  • Where can you find Steam Achievement Manager?

You can get it on the GitHub repository gibbed/SteamAchievementManager

  • Why do players use codes in Steam Achievement Manager?

Players use game codes to sign in or log in to their devices.

  • What are the benefits of Steam Achievement Manager?

It has benefits such as unlocking and relocking achievements, managing broken achievements, providing personal satisfaction, and providing in-game benefits.

  • What is the history of Steam Achievement Manager?

It was released in  2008. Users can unlock, lock AMD, and manage their Steam game achievements.

  • Does Steam Achievement Manager count as a game?

No, it is not a game. It is an open-source tool to lock, unlock, and manage their Steam in-game achievements.

  • Why was Steam Achievement Manager made?

It is an open-source tool created in 2008 to lock, unlock, and manage stew in-game achievements.

  • Is it illegal to use Steam Achievement Manager?

As you know, cheating and hacking are strictly prohibited, so their misuse is certainly illegal because it does not officially condone cheating. It is not formally supported. So, you have to use it at your own risk.

  • When did its last major release happen?

The last significant release was updated in 2011, which included various enhancements and new features.

  • What is a hotfix in Steam Achievement Manager?

The code for SAM was made open source, allowing the community to develop it. The last update was a hotfix in 2013.

  • How does Steam Achievement Manager become a community contributor platform?

Since becoming open source, various community members have contributed to maintaining and updating SAM and ensuring its compatibility with the Steam Platform.

  • Can Steam Achievement Manager get you banned?

According to the web search, SAM will not get you banned. SAM only looks at the actual achievement, not the variables behind it so that you can activate and deactivate achievements freely. However, if you deactivate SAM, you cannot earn them again correctly.

  • Can I use Steam Achievement Manager on VAC-protected games?

Using SAM in such games is not recommended because it might result in a ban. Therefore, you can not use it on VAC.

  • Can I use  Steam achievement manager against Steam rules?

No, it does not allow us to use it against Steam rules.


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